Create a Coach Marketing Funnel That Gets Coaching Clients




Create a Marketing Funnel For your Coaching Business


Most coaches don’t take the time to outline a marketing funnel for their coaching business, and as a result, they often struggle to find clients.agence de publicité Québec


I’ll outline the steps for creating a marketing funnel so you can easily attract coaching clients.


How is a marketing funnel like dating?


Well, you wouldn’t just ask someone to marry you on the first date. That strategy wouldn’t be effective because it skips too many steps. A more effective approach may look something like this…


You catch each other’s eye and maybe you exchange smiles. Next you each start thinking about how to start a conversation. One of you finally says something to the other and you quickly become engaged in a small talk conversation.


Next, you exchange numbers. Eventually you start talking about more meaningful topics and you go on dates to places that at first have a high TV to candle ratio and eventually the venues start to have higher candle to TV ratios. Without going into “50 shades” of detail, I’ll just say each step gradually increases in commitment and investment until eventually, you’re both standing in front of all your family and friends putting rings on each other’s fingers.


Your coach marketing funnel is remarkably similar. You have to add value and rapport at each gradual step. If you map out your marketing funnel effectively, you’ll be able to gradually guide prospects through the steps you’ve outlined by giving them great value and eventually they’ll ask you how they can become one of your clients. You’ll never have to “sell” your services again. Here’s how…