Outstanding Features of Winner Medical’s Angio Packs

 Outstanding Features of Winner Medical’s Angio Packs

Winner Medical’s angio pack offers a wide range of accessories that can be paired with clinical options to meet the requirements of specific surgical sites. From raw materials to packaging materials, Winner Medical selects high-quality suppliers and monitors the quality of the products throughout the process, so that the angio pack can well assist the surgical procedure.

Specially designed for clinical features

Winner Medical’s angio pack is made of high-performance composite material, and the holes are precisely cut according to the different parts of the imaging procedure, which can meet the precise operation in the surgical site.

The intraoperative opening area is designed with a cover curtain to avoid contamination and cross-contamination between multiple incisions or sterile and non-sterile areas.

At the same time, fluid-absorbing material is attached to the critical area around the incision to absorb the intraoperative fluid that penetrates well.

The transparent film on the side flat of the cavity towel or the matching instrument protection sleeve can cover the microscope head and other interventional instruments, establishing a sterile barrier while ensuring that the surgeon can operate easily.

Convenience in use and time-saving.

Before performing an angiographic procedure, medical staff prepares various medical instruments for performing the procedure, among which are separate sheets and procedure sheets for the procedure. Preparing these takes time, which affects the procedure preparation process.

Winner Medical’s angio pack contains most of the instruments needed for the procedure, and the sheets and surgical towels are properly folded. Once unfolded, it is ready to be laid out. The self-adhesive, hypoallergenic adhesive material holds the sheets in place while being skin-friendly and non-irritating. All these details determine Winner Medical’s products are preferred by customers.

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