The importance of a Catering Equipment Warranty


When you build your catering business or restaurant your intention is to build a solid reputation based on good service and quality food. You put a lot of planning into your catering business or restaurant because this is the foundation that will set you apart. To be set apart you have to invest in good quality catering equipment that is made to endure the day to day workload of a busy food establishment.

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When you source catering equipment you want to make sure that it is hard wearing and will do what it’s supposed to do. Plus you want the assurance that it is constructed well and has a warranty to back it up.  到會推薦 take a look at selected catering equipment that offers warranties and extended warranties.

The Summit range of milkshake machines, slush machines and soft ice machines are manufactured for the commercial kitchen. They offer high performance functionality while being compact and having a modern design. This range of catering equipment comes with a two year warranty so you are assured of a quality product that will not fail on you during your busiest hour.

The Rheninghaus slicers are professional food slicers that can be used to cut meat, vegetables, fish, cheese and frozen food. They are beneficial for use in coffee shops that serve food, restaurants, supermarkets and catering establishments. This range by Rheninghaus has a sturdy structure and has a high performance powerful motor that is manufactured for continuous use. Rheninghaus is so confident in its professional food slicers that it offers a two year warranty on this range.

Coffee lovers enjoy the coffee that comes from the Bravillor Bonamat Coffee Machines that also come with a 2 year warranty. And this is why… Bravillor Bonamat is a leading manufacturer of filter coffee machines, espresso machines, fully automatic coffee machines and hot water dispensers. They have over 70 years of experience and have earned the status of specialist producer. This catering equipment is made using only high quality materials and they are thoroughly tested before they leave the factory.

Hamilton Beach Fury and Eclipse Blenders offer powerful blending based on advanced technology that is unique to this range. These blenders are manufactured to endure repetitive use whilst providing smooth drinks or food blends every time. Hamilton Beach is so confident in their range of Fury and Eclipse Blenders that it offers a remarkable three year warranty. In the Eclipse Blender the motor drive coupling and stainless steel blade has a lifetime warranty. Now that is remarkable.