These E-Nails are strong enough to guarantee that your hits are always perfect.

Electronic nails, or e-nails, are a kind of vaporizer that uses electricity to heat and evaporate wax rather of a flame, like the conventional technique. Before the development of e-nails, you had to use a blowtorch to warm up your nail. Getting to the proper vaporisation temperature was problematic since it was difficult to avoid reaching the threshold of combustion. To make matters worse, using a blowtorch isn’t exactly the most convenient option.

What’s an e-nail, exactly?

Concentration vaporizers known as electric nails (e-nails) heat and evaporate wax using electricity instead of a regular flame. An electronic nail is typically constructed using the components listed below:

Using this strut, the e-nail rig may be kept upright on the pier.

Electronic nails are almost always powered by batteries, and water bongs most of them have a battery life of over 30 strikes. Even though they are rare, there are a few electronic nails that need a power source to function.

The heating element regulates the temperature of the nail by delivering an electric current. Traditionally, the torch was the only component of a dab setup that could be used for this purpose.

The e-nail rig’s power button allows you to switch the gadget on or off as needed. To begin heating, most electronic nails just need a single touch of the power button.

Component for water filtration made of glass: It is possible to filter water using this item, which may be linked to the e-nail and filled with water. The water filter component cools the vapour as it flows through it after it has been removed from your dab and cooled by the water. As a consequence, the blows are softer, cooler, and more comfortable.

Prior to dabbing, the Carb Cap should be put above your bowl. Reduced airflow inside the chamber allows you to “brew” your concentrates. Take a big breath in and remove the carburetor lid when you’re ready to go.

Electricity powers e-nails, which heat a heating element to the right temperature for vaporisation. Conventional dab rigs have been swiftly replaced by e-nails because they are easier to use, safer, and more efficient than traditional dab rigs for vaporising concentrates.