A bong made from glass

Water pipes have come a long way since they were originally constructed in China in the 16th century, both in terms of technical innovation and geographic distance. Smoking using one of these bongs, as they are now often known, is a healthier alternative to smoking regular cigarettes. Toxins and tar are removed from the smoke because the smoke is filtered through ice and water. Shiva is well-positioned to address the rising demand for glass bongs in Europe, where the practise has just lately expanded, due to the company’s wide product catalogue in this area.

Wide collections

More than 70 distinct glass bongs are included in our glass bongs collection, all of which come in an array of sizes and beautiful designs and serve a variety of purposes. As a result of their exceptional craftsmanship, many of the items have an attractive quality. Because of this, they would fit right in with the most upscale of settings or glassware collections. In terms of functionality, several of the goods have only been available in this line. In addition to the removable bowls, spiral downpipes Electric dab rig , percolators and double conicals, ice shelves or twists in the down tube that are meant to hold ice cubes, these features are available. It is our goal to make your smoking experience as pleasurable as possible.

This collection also includes glass bongs with color-shifting glass. They have a wide range of cutting-edge features, all of which can be found on the website. In addition to a wide range of sizes, prices, and functions, there is a wide range of accessories designed specifically to fit with this particular range. It goes without saying. In this category, you’ll find a number of glass bongs packaged in attractive carrying cases with a slew of extras. Friends who smoke cigarettes may consider switching to vaping if you give them one of these novelty bongs as a present.

Last words

The Miniature Bottle Bongs go back to the days when we used to make our own bongs out of whatever was laying about the home at the time. Despite their small size, these bottle bongs are nonetheless capable of delivering a satisfying jolt of vapour.