A simple Guide to Convert Grams to Pounds and Ounces to Grams


Weight measurements are important because they are part of everyday life. In modern society, people always consider the weight of products before selling or buying them, such as the case of food and beverages. In some cases, the prices of these products depend on how much they weigh. Three of the units of measurements commonly used to determine the weight of objects are grams, pounds and ounces. Here is a simple guide to convert grams to pounds as well as ounces to grams.

Grams to Pounds

For those who want to learn how to convert grams to pounds, the process is very simple. Start by memorizing the equivalent value of a single gram in pounds, which is 0. 0022. Once you memorize this value, simply multiply this number with the value that you wish to convert to pounds. For example, you can get the value of 5, 000g in pounds by multiplying it by 0. 0022, the answer of which is 11 pounds. Meanwhile, the equivalent of 150, 000g is 330 pounds after multiplying the value by 0. 0022.

Reversing the process is just as simple, which makes it easy for people to convert pounds to grams. For those who want to convert pounds to grams, start by memorizing the equivalent of  Once en gramme each pound in grams, which is 453. 59. Once you have this value in mind, simply multiply the value that you wish to convert by 453. 59 to get its equivalent in grams. For instance, the equivalent of 500 pounds is 226, 795g after you multiply it by 453. 59.

Ounces to Grams

When measuring weight, it is also important to know how to convert ounces to grams. The process is actually the same as converting grams to pounds, but this time it is important to memorize the corresponding value of each ounce in grams. Based on mathematical books, a single ounce is equals to 28. 35g. To get the converted value of ounces to grams, simply multiply the given valued by 28. 35. For example, a 600-ounce object is equivalent to 17, 010g, while a 35-ounce object also weighs 992. 25g.

For those who may find the process of converting grams to ounces, the process is just as easy as converting ounces to grams. The only difference is the value of the number that you need to multiply with the given number. Each gram is equivalent to 0. 03527 ounce. If you need to convert 500g, you must multiply it with 0. 03527, the result of which is 17. 635 ounces. Meanwhile, 950-gram object is equivalent to 33. 5065 ounces after multiplying it by 0. 03527.