The benefits of Being Loyal to a Hotel Chain

What do you think about when you stay in a hotel? Do you think about the size of the room, how comfortable the bed is, and what facilities are available to you? Or do you think of how many loyalty points you have just added to your current balance, to enable you to have your next hotel stay for free?

Hotel loyalty schemes are very popular among the larger hotel chains, and while the benefits vary, it’s usually worth your while to find the nearest hotel in that chain to stay in wherever you go. If you travel a lot – perhaps for business needs, for example – you’d be surprised at how quickly the points can mount up.  radisson qc You could then treat yourself to a free night away for pleasure – instead of waking up to a business meeting the next day.

But loyalty schemes aren’t just about earning free hotel stays. Another popular incentive hotels use to attract more frequent visitors is Air Miles. A set or varied amount is added on to your loyalty card each time you visit, and you can save your miles to exchange for a free flight at some point in the future.

Of course, both of these benefits have to be saved for. Most hotels recognise this, so they also offer other benefits which can be enjoyed straightaway. Once you’ve signed up for your chosen loyalty scheme you can expect to start receiving such perks as a later check out time on your departure, a better room than the one you actually pay for, and all the other little things that really make a difference to your stay.

Once you have joined a particular hotel honors scheme it’s a good idea to obtain a copy of all the hotel locations in your country – plus any other countries you may be likely to visit in the near future. That way, as soon as you know you have another business trip planned you will quickly be able to locate the nearest hotel to where you need to be.

The guide will also be a great help when you are planning any holidays. Don’t forget that an overnight stay in a hotel is advisable if you are travelling any great distance; driving for a long time without a break is never a good idea, so choose a hotel at the halfway point of your journey and pile up some more loyalty points on the way.

Finally, always make sure you regularly visit the website of the hotel chain whose scheme you are a member of. This will enable you to keep abreast of any new offers, rewards or developments that you may be able to take advantage of.